Park Ridge Police Investigating After Woman's Body Found In Snow Bank

A woman was found dead Saturday afternoon in a snowbank in Park Ridge.

Video Transcript

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Also developing this morning, police knocking on doors in Northwest Suburban Park Ridge right now after a body is found buried in a nearby snow bank. "CBS 2's" Meredith Barack joining us now live with what we know so far about that victim. Meredith.

MEREDITH BARACK: Suzanne, Park Ridge police say that woman's body was found in the snow behind a dental office. Officials only identifying her as in her 40s, telling neighbors she may have been there for days.

This was the scene on Saturday in Park Ridge. Police holding up a white sheet to conceal the body that was found off Higgins road and Park Ridge near the Kennedy Expressway Cumberland exit. Now, how the woman ended up there and died still remains a mystery. Police are now hoping security footage from nearby homes and businesses will give them some answers.

DAVID FREDE: The police came by our house earlier and asked for our footage from a security system to see if anybody walked by on Monday night. They said that they suspected it might have been Monday night because the body was obscured by snow.

MEREDITH BARACK: Right now, police are calling the woman's death suspicious. They have sent her body to the medical examiner's office to figure out how she died. Reporting live from the streetside studio, I'm Meredith Barack, "CBS 2 News."