Parking is different in Downtown Xenia and how city collects money

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You will notice changes the next time you park in the City of Xenia.

There are changes to the city’s parking meters and the amount of money collected from people who ran out of time and got a ticket.

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For decades, you’ve had to pay to park in many places in Downtown Xenia.

Parking meters have been in place since the 1970s and if you did not have quarters for the machine, you were at risk of getting a parking ticket.

News Center’s Gabrielle Enright says the city unveiled these parking meters last month and instead of accepting only quarters, they also take nickels, dimes, and credit cards.

Here’s how it works:

  • A nickel will get you three minutes of parking time

  • A dime will get you six minutes of parking time

  • A quarter gets you 15 minutes on the meter

  • An hour costs you a dollar and you can stay a maximum of three hours

  • You can charge a dollar on your credit card and stay one to three hours.

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Enright says each meter can accommodate two parking spaces and there are only 31 meters in the city instead of 53.

If time expires while you are there, a parking ticket will cost you $20.

It will cost you an additional $20 if you don’t pay your ticket by the deadline.

Parking illegally in a handicapped spot will cost you $250.

Enright checked with the city and discovered so far this year, drivers have paid $10,430 in parking tickets.