Part-time Gutter Guys; Full-time Firefighters

SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Firefighters are responsible and in charge of a lot of things. San Angelo Firefighter Iber Mayorga decided he could do more and created a seamless gutter business called The Gutter Guys.

“We are a group of firefighters that do gutters. There is a total of six of us. We are all firefighters. We are employed full-time here in the City of San Angelo throughout different stations,” Mayorga said.

Mayorga says that he has been a firefighter for almost fifteen years and a Gutter Guy for about two. The other guys on his crew have as much as twelve years of firefighting experience under their belts. They say they saw a need and decided to step up to the gutter and fill the time they were not using to serve the city in other ways.

“I think it all comes down to how we like to serve. That’s why we are all firefighters. We like to serve the public,” said Mayorga. “We decided and saw a need for San Angelo to have another seamless gutter company…we do gutters, cleaning, repairs, leaf filters, all that good stuff.”

Mayorga says the support they have received from the community is more than they could have asked for, and they are always looking forward to welcoming in new clients. He said, above everything else, that providing services that this community needs is what matters the most to him and his crew.

“Not only do we carry the firefighter badge, but we’re providing a service that is extremely important for people’s houses,” Mayorga said. “Many of the foundation issues that people have can be improved with gutters. We don’t see a whole lot of rain here in San Angelo, but that does not mean that we don’t get any. For me, it is really important to provide a really good service that is something that people really need.”

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