Partly sunny, gusty wind with an evening shower

Partly sunny skies return with increasing winds and a stray shower in the afternoon on Tuesday.

Video Transcript

SAM CHAMPION: All right, well, at least, the skies are exactly as advertised. This is kind of exactly the way I pictured it-- clouds that are always there, sunshine making it through. It's got a cool feel to it, though. We're running a little bit below normal. That's a really pretty sky, though, with a mixture of sunshine and clouds.

Just above the reporting station, it's picking up clouds so that's why it's monitoring that. Northwestern wind-- anywhere from 10 to 14 miles per hour, which makes it feel a little cooler than the numbers that we're giving you. We're giving you some cool numbers, but we've already popped to 60 degrees in Staten Island.

New York's doing even better-- 61, 62. So I feel like we're going to get to our 64 degree temperature somewhere in the area. I just don't know if the park is going to get above 62 degrees. Right now we're 58 degrees, 55 in White Plains, and still have a 40 in Northern areas-- 46 degrees.

So here's that deep pocket of cooler air that we're in for the next couple of days, really, up until Thursday. And then we'll start to approach normal. Skies tomorrow are going to be similar to today-- sunshine mixed with clouds. Weather systems have pulled away. That's the one that delivered the heavy rain for us overnight, last night-- a general half inch of rain. But good soaking rain this time of year is a good thing.

And you could see what's going on with these clouds out there. Sun tried to get through, but because there's cold air really high in the atmosphere, when that sun tries to warm it up, it just builds more clouds. And then the clouds release, and then you've got a little bit more sun getting through. And then it does the same thing all over again. So that's why we just can't get to clear skies during the day today.

And likely, we won't see completely clear tomorrow either. So in the long-range model, I thought we'd look at about 3 o'clock 3 or 4 o'clock every day. This is Tuesday at about 3 o'clock. You can see we still have some stubborn clouds. Showers are not really pushing anywhere near the area. And Wednesday at 4 o'clock, the cloud deck looks a little lighter. So Wednesday looks like it's going to be a little bit better on the sun side.

So high temperatures today-- still going for 64 in Central Park, but I could see that kind of held to about 62 degrees. Meanwhile, I could see Morristown and Newark go from 62 to 64-- a little bit better. And you can see Toms River approaching that 63, 64 degree mark as well.

During the afternoon hours, same sky conditions that we have today. So if you want to-- or right now. So if you want to plan your afternoon, plan around that. I don't see much in the way of a shower or sprinkle or anything coming out of those clouds. They're just up there.

And then overnight, tonight, we'll have some partly cloudy skies. We'll have some cirrus clouds to get through early in the morning, much like this morning, but we will. And I think a good amount of sunshine tomorrow will make it a better-looking day in between those clouds. And we'll still have a cooler than normal temperature start and finish tomorrow.

Early clouds, partly sunny, it stays breezy for the rest of the day into the nighttime hours. And then I think we pick up and go straight to windy tomorrow-- partly cloudy. Overnight tonight, that light Northwest wind, but tomorrow, it gets rather gusty-- spot afternoon shower, but everything we're seeing on the models is West of us and North of us. We just kind of threw it in there for the North and West. I don't think the city achieves that 62 degrees. So it's going to be very similar in the way it feels and looks during the day today.

So the early showers gone. Now, we turn windy during the day tomorrow. Partly cloudy to sunny skies on Wednesday. Then by the time you get to Thursday, the temperatures start to come up. Friday, we're up to the normal mark. Saturday and Sunday, we're back into the 70s. That's kind of an enjoyable weekend ahead. I like to see that on a Monday. David, Shirleen.

No, it's good. It's high wing. It's good. Thank you for that, Sam.