Parts of Central CA in 'exceptional drought' as dry conditions worsen

An updated map from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows California's drought is worsening, with most of the state facing extreme or exceptional drought conditions, including all of Central California.

Video Transcript

- Another beautiful day for us. We're going to see temperatures below average, but we are going to stay dry. And high pressure is building in, so we are going to start to see a warm up. And we are still looking at a very dry stretch of weather for us.

We just got the new, updated version of our drought monitor just this morning, and it's looking like a large portion of our viewing area is under an exceptional drought right now, and that is that very dark red color. That includes portions of our foothills and the Sierra Nevada. Rest of the Valley in that bright red color. You can see all of us under an extreme drought.

So regardless of where you are, we are dealing with drought conditions, and we're not looking at any rain chances here any time soon. So that fire danger is a concern we're going to have to keep a close eye on.