Parts of NY, VA and MD reopen in patchwork start

(CUOMO) “We’re going to open half the regions in the state today. Five regions out of ten.”

Less populated areas of New York, Virginia and Maryland took their first steps towards lifting lockdowns on Friday.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“Residential, commercial, construction will open. Indoor construction and outdoor. Masks must be warn by employees when they are six feet from one another… For retail businesses curbside pickup starts.”

The reopening plan, for now, excludes New York City, which has seen over 15,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio:

(DEBLASIO) “The first half of June is earliest opportunity for even some lessening of restrictions. “

Other urban areas like Washington, DC and Baltimore extended their stay-at-home orders for fear of a spike in coronavirus cases.

This piecemeal approach to reopening regions has largely formed along demographic and political lines... where Republican governors have generally pushed to reopen faster than Democratic ones.

President Donald Trump has chided some democratic leaders for holding back:

(TRUMP / MAY 11) “There seems to be no effort on certain blue states to get back into gear and the people aren't going to stand for it. They want to get back. They're not going to stand for it. They want our country open, I want our country open too. I want it opened safely. But I want it open.”

As do many of his supporters:

But Democratic Governors like Cuomo,

(CUOMO) "Do not underestimate this virus..."

and top health officials warn that if the country reopens too quickly, there could be another dangerous resurgence of the virus which has already killed more than 85,000 Americans.