'It's a party plane': Young man and woman caught having sex on flight to Ibiza

A young man and woman, who were caught and filmed having sex on a flight to Spain, were welcomed by police as they landed in Ibiza on Sept. 8.

The incident took place on an easyJet flight from London's Luton Airport to the Spanish island of Ibiza, according to a spokesperson of the budget airline.

"We can confirm that this flight from Luton to Ibiza on 8 September was met by police on arrival due to the behaviour of two passengers on board," an easyJet spokesperson told USA TODAY in an email.

Video footage from the incident, which went viral on social media, shows an easyJet cabin crew member opening the door of the plane's lavatory to find a man and a woman engaging in the act.

The discovery elicited a variety of reactions from fellow passengers who were heard screaming, laughing, and clapping in the video. Seemingly embarrassed by the incident, the crew member turned his back and looked away.

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A mother's reaction

The mother of the young man caught in the bathroom told The Sun she was "stunned" to see the video.

“It’s not something a mum wants to see."

She said that her son was going to Ibiza to celebrate his birthday and that he was just having a good time.

“You’re aware these things are going to happen at the holiday destination, but you don’t expect it to happen on the flight," said the mother. “But he’s a 23-year-old single lad on his birthday, going to Ibiza. It’s a party plane. You just don’t think about stuff sometimes. Yes, it’s embarrassing but I don’t think they were doing anyone any harm.”

She said that her son had only met the girl at the airport before boarding the easyJet flight.

“They were all just having a good time in the airport and then this happened," said the woman.

While it is not known if action was taken against the two, there is no law in the United Kingdom that explicitly deals with sex on a plane, according to The Independent. It is “an offence intentionally to engage in sexual activities in a public lavatory” under section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004.

Under this law, it is illegal to have sex in a public bathroom. The law could apply to any U.K.-registered plane and would carry a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment and a fine.

Meanwhile, the police in Spain have no record of the incident, reported The Sun.

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