Passenger on flight: 'I thought it was a bomb'

Boeing has recommended that airlines ground all of its 777s with the type of engine that suffered a catastrophic failure over Denver this weekend. Passengers who were on United flight 328 say they weren't sure they would survive. (Feb. 22)

Video Transcript

DAVID DELUCIA: We got to about 10,000 feet. The captain came on and said that we're getting up to our cruising altitude. And before he even got off the intercom, there was a loud explosion. Feel it shook the plane, and we started, like, dropping down. Like, you could feel, like going down in an elevator. It's like a quick drop. The plane started shaking, and we knew something major happened.

SIMONA DELUCIA: Big noise, big boom. And the first thing, I really thought it was a bomb on the plane.

JEFF WHICHARD: All those parts raining down on people's houses and stuff. Obviously, we had no idea that it was that serious until we landed and people started checking the news, and whatnot. And it just kind of snowballed from there.

DAVID DELUCIA: And in hindsight, I'm extremely happy I didn't know, because that would have just added to, you know, everything else that we were dealing with.

SIMONA DELUCIA: It was so silent on the plane. Like, you could hear a pin drop. Like, nobody-- there were kids on the plane, you didn't hear a cry, nothing. It was so weird.

KARLA WHICHARD: All I keep thinking is this couldn't be my time. I have a son that, unfortunately, was in the shooting on Parkland, three years ago on February 14. And I couldn't think, like, he wouldn't be able to survive, just losing mom and dad together at one time.

DAVID DELUCIA: I just looked at her and I said, I don't know, this isn't good. And, you know, this is very serious. And I feared for my life, I did.

SIMONA DELUCIA: So I thought, put your wallet in your pants, and your phone, because if this blows up I want to be identified. So, that was my first thought.

PILOT (ON INTERCOM): No matter what you say about United Airlines, what you can say is safety is our primary purpose. And you've just witnessed that.


[INAUDIBLE] engine failed. And that's why there was that pause, with the inability to communicate with them. Because they we were doing everything they could to get us safely back to Denver. And here we are.