Passengers on £5,000 cruise demand to abandon ship after 'sewage system fails and food goes stale'

Angry passengers on the Norwegian Spirit wanted to get off after 'the holiday from hell'. (Getty/Twitter)

Angry cruise passengers demanded to be let off a ship after several destinations were changed, food went stale and the vessel’s sewage system reportedly stopped working.

Around 2,000 travellers on board the Norwegian Spirit were told that scheduled stops at Le Havre and Amsterdam had been cancelled because of bad weather.

The tourists, who paid £5,300 for Norwegian Cruise Line’s “mystical fjords” trip, did get to Norway but were only able to view the famous fjords from a distance.

Things got worse when a stop in Reykjavik, Iceland, was cancelled and replaced with one in Greenock, near Glasgow, that was then itself replaced with one to Belfast on Monday when the 900ft-long boat was refused permission to dock.

A video showed outraged passengers chanting “get us off this ship” and demanding to be taken back to London,

A passenger set up a Twitter account called @NCLHELL to detail what happened during the trip, which started from Southampton on 27 September. They posted several pictures from the vessel showing angry passengers and broken toilets.

Deena Roland and her husband Adrian, both 48, were on the trip.

She told Mail Online: “There are a lot of angry people on this ship and the lack of adequate explanation as to what's going on almost caused a riot this morning.

“It's been a nightmare of a holiday, and now many of the toilets in the cabins are overflowing with sewage. It's really not my idea of a luxury cruise break.”


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Debbie Fuller, from the US, was also upset with the service and claimed some passengers were made to hand over their passports without being given a reason.

She added: “We were promised such an incredible trip to all these amazing places but it turned into the holiday from hell.”

Staff were also accused of shutting off the internet so passengers could not post videos they had filmed.

Several passengers decided to organise their own trips back to London when they stopped in Ireland.

Customers demanded a refund but were only given a 25% voucher for their next cruise.

A passenger claimed the discount voucher was not accepted when they tried to use it for a trip on October 11.

She wrote on the company’s Facebook page: “We will never trust this cruise line again. We have been lied to and cheated. Make it right NCL. Honour your word.”

A Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson said: "Unfortunately, Norwegian Spirit’s itinerary was impacted by weather conditions. While nine ports of call were originally planned for the voyage, the revised itinerary allowed the ship to call to 8 ports. We are very sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment our guests experienced.”

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