Passengers on a plane could not use the toilets because the tank was full, forcing it to make an unscheduled stopover
A Jet2 flight was forced to divert so it could empty its toilet tank.Shutterstock
  • A passenger jet was force to divert so its toilet tank could be emptied, Sky News reported.

  • The Jet2 flight from Spain to the UK had to stop in Bilbao on Thursday due to the tank trouble.

  • The plane was on the ground for more than two hours while the problem was resolved.

A passenger jet was forced to make an unscheduled landing after its restrooms went out of service because its toilet tank was full.

Sky News first reported that the Jet2 flight from the Spanish island of Gran Canaria to Manchester, England was forced to stop over in Bilbao,  northern Spain, due to the tank trouble.

The diversion resulted in a two-hour delay as well as thousands of dollars in fuel costs and landing fees, per Sky News.

The emergency tracking platform Flight Emergency tweeted on Thursday: "Jet2 flight LS782 en route to Manchester from Gran Canaria has just diverted to Bilbao due to the toilets being broken on board."

Flight tracking data from FlightAware shows the jet, which left Gran Canaria about 4pm local time, landed in Bilbao some three hours into the flight before eventually departing for Manchester more than two hours later, per Sky News.

A Jet2 spokesperson told the broadcaster that flight LS782 was diverted to Bilbao on Thursday so the toilet tank could be emptied.

"Customers remained onboard, before the flight took off again to Manchester. As an award-winning airline, the comfort and well-being of our customers is of paramount importance to us, however we apologise if this caused any inconvenience."

A 2017 report by Insider found that contrary to what some people think, airplane septic tanks are not emptied mid-flight but are collected by a waste collection vehicle after each flight. It is unclear whether the tank on the Jet2 plane was not emptied in Gran Canaria.

Jet2 didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for comment made outside normal working hours.

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