Passengers stuck on cruise ship ‘anxious to get home’

"A friend of ours that we actually had arranged to meet on the cruise, they're from New York , he was one of the two passengers that tested positive. So, once we get off the ship, we're all going to be tested anyway, but it will be a sigh of relief to know that my husband and I test negative, being that spent we so much time with this man," said Stoneman from her balcony on the ship.

Video footage shot by one of the arriving cruise guests and shared with Reuters showed passengers cheering from their stateroom balconies and open windows, some shouting, "We're home!" as the vessel passed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge into the bay.

The cruise ship Grand Princess, barred last week from returning to its home port San Francisco and now facing quarantine due to an onboard coronavirus outbreak, arrived at a temporary berth on Monday in the nearby Port of Oakland to the cheers of its weary passengers.

The 2,400 cruise guests, who have been largely confined to their staterooms since Thursday, are to begin disembarking the ship on Monday for transport to either health-care facilities or to quarantine stations, depending on whether they need immediate medical attention.