After This Past Weekends Snowstorm Many Sought To Take Advantage Of All The Fresh Powder In The High Country

Lots of skiers and snowboarders made their way to Summit county to enjoy all the fresh snow at ski resorts and in the backcountry.

Video Transcript

- Well, not everyone stayed home during the storm. Avid skiers and boarders could not wait to try out the fresh powder in the High Country. Mountain newsroom reporter, Jamie Leary, live now in Summit County for us. And, Jamie, concerns about road conditions didn't stop too many.

JAMIE LEARY: No, it didn't. And we were lucky to make it out of the parking lot out up at Berthoud Pass today. Colorado State Patrol says yesterday was even busier. But the snow was still falling yesterday, and by Monday morning, with all of this fresh snow, skiers really had to decide just how badly they wanted to get out. I'm told about 39 inches of fresh snow fell at Berthoud Pass by Monday morning. Most who arrived in the parking lot expected they'd be doing some digging. Eager powder hounds dug themselves out of the metro area only to be stuck here. But strangers did not hesitate to help each other out. Almost everybody who arrived got stuck. The new snow was almost too much for some of the lower angle terrain, but it raised avalanche danger to considerable, so lower angles are safer. Despite the mess in the parking lot, most we talked to you said it was worth it for the turns. Is this going to put a damper on your day?

- Oh, no. No, no. The plan is to enjoy that last hour of daylight. We got till 7:30, so I'm going to make it count.

JAMIE LEARY: And it was quite amazing to see everyone we talked to you had the proper gear: avalanche beacons, shovels, and probes. I'm told strangers were even exchanging information about the terrain which is great to hear. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center posts daily updates about the avalanche conditions, so make sure you always check those before you go. Live in Summit County, Jamie Leary, CBS 4 mountain newsroom.