Pastor In Coma Following Alleged Hit-&-Run

According to Miami Beach police, Katherine Colabella was heading east on the causeway on March 25th, around 11:30 p.m., when she hit Noe Aguilar, who was riding a bicycle, near Terminal Isle and sped off.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, a Miami Beach pastor is in the hospital fighting for his life, and a woman is facing hit-and-run charges. Officers say the pastor, Noe Aguilar, was riding his bicycle on his way home from work along the MacArthur Causeway last Thursday when Katherine Colabella slammed into him with her car and drove off. Now, his family is calling for justice.

JANY MARTINEZ-WARD: Our client here is the victim. The defendant at fault was driving, hit my client on the way back. He was riding the bicycle from work. He was going back to his home, and he was hit. Not only that, he was left at the scene of the accident, and nobody should be left at the scene of the accident to maybe die.

- Aguilar is in a coma at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is a husband and father of two.