Pastor fired over ‘predatory’ texts with men and underage teenager, Texas church says

A Texas pastor has been fired after church officials say they discovered explicit, inappropriate text messages between him and other men and an underage teenager.

Aaron Ivey was the head worship pastor at the Austin Stone Community Church until he was fired Feb. 5, according to a statement from church officials.

McClatchy News reached out to Ivey for comment but did not immediately hear back.

His termination comes after officials say they found text messages in which he engaged in “inappropriate and explicit” communication with another man in February.

After he was fired, officials found more text conversations between Ivey and other men, as well as with a teenager. They say the communication showed a “clear pattern of predatory manipulation, sexual exploitation, and abuse of influence.”

Officials say they found three instances involving men and one incident, in 2011, involving a minor male, which has been reported to authorities.

McClatchy News has contacted the Austin Police Department to confirm if it was alerted to the accusations.

The church statement breaks down a timeline of the communications.

In 2011, an incident took place between Ivey and a teenager involving “inappropriate and explicit communications, indecent exposure, and the use of alcohol and illegal substances,” according to church officials.

Officials also found explicit messages exchanged with other men from 2020 and 2021, according to the statement.

“We will not be surprised if more is uncovered,“ church officials said. “... As elders, we are heartbroken for the victims and their families.”

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