Patric Hornqvist records fastest hat trick in Penguins history ... on hat night

Hornqvist needed just 167 seconds to score three times on Tuesday night against Colorado.

On a night when the Pittsburgh Penguins were giving away free hats as a game-night promotion, Patric Hornqvist made sure none of those fans would actually leave the arena with their gifted lid in hand.

Fate is a funny thing sometimes.

With the Penguins and Avalanche knotted at twos in the third period, the Pittsburgh forward completed the quickest hat trick in franchise history to ensure that every single one of those sweet, sweet giveaway hats made their way to the ice.

In just two minutes and 47 seconds, Hornqvist notched his 10th, 11th and 12th goals of the season — leading the Pens to, what he believes, is a potentially season-altering win for Pittsburgh.

“I think this is the turning point of our season. That was a great third period and just keep building every single day from this day on and we’ll be fine,” he said to reporters after the game.

It was the first time a Penguins player recorded a third period hat trick in seven years, and only 20 players in NHL history have potted a natural hatty quicker than Hornqvist.

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