Patrick Frazee Ex-Girlfriend Krystal Kenney Released On Parole After Resentencing In Kelsey Berreth Murder Case

Krystal Kenney is out on parole after her resentencing on Tuesday. Kenney is the ex-girlfriend of Patrick Frazee, who was convicted of murdering Kelsey Berreth on Thanksgiving Day 2018.

Video Transcript

- We continue to cover Colorado First at 5:00 for you. Krystal Kenney is out on parole this evening a day after her resentencing in Teller County yesterday. Kenney was Patrick Frazee's girlfriend. Frazee was convicted in the murder of Kelsey Berreth. Kenney served 18 months in prison. Now, she knew Frazee was plotting to kill Berreth, even helped him clean up the crime scene, but she got the lenient sentence for testifying against him. Kenney's first sentence was vacated due to a procedural error.