Patrick Layden Faces Vehicular Homicide Charges In Deadly Crash At W. 32nd Avenue & Lowell Boulevard

Patrick Layden has been arrested in connection with the Saturday crash that left one person dead and a juvenile seriously injured.

Video Transcript

KAREN LEIGH: Driver now under investigation for vehicular homicide. That's after this crash that left a man dead in a busy Denver neighborhood. A child was injured in that crash and remains in the hospital right now.

JIM BENEMANN: Investigators suspect that driver was speeding at the time. The wreck just before noon on Saturday at the intersection of 32nd and Lowell in Denver's Highlands neighborhood. Our Rick Sallinger there right now, and Rick, this crash left a neighborhood grieving.

RICK SALLINGER: It did, Jim. We've learned that the man who was arrested here after this crash had a long history of traffic violations, including two DUI's. Now a memorial has been set up where he was arrested for vehicular homicide. The police blame was clearly placed on the driver of the black car. He's Partick Michael Layden. Ryan Fraser saw it as the car sped West on 32nd towards Lowell.

RYAN FRASER: The offending car drove past me going probably about 80 miles-an-hour and blew through this intersection and t-boned the car that was crossing on a green.

RICK SALLINGER: The white Subaru contained a man and a child. The adult pronounced dead at the scene. The child remains in critical condition and is expected to survive. Police say Layden crossed a double yellow line and passed a vehicle before entering the busy intersection on a red light. Serena Shaw has a business in the area.

SERENA SHAW: Cars are always buzzing in and people are always trying to, you know, be the last car through the light or past the light.

RICK SALLINGER: Police canvassed the neighborhood seeking information and offering contacts for counseling after such a shocking event. Some have suggestions for this rapidly growing trend in the area.

RYAN FRASER: We need to update our streets. I mean, we've had the same roads and streets in this neighborhood for as long as I've been alive at this point.

RICK SALLINGER: The memorial was building with poignant messages, that could have been any one of us in a car with our child and simply we love you Highlands. The names of the victims have not yet been released. As for the suspect, he has now been released from jail. In the Highlands, Rick Sallinger, "Covering Colorado First".

JIM BENEMANN: Rick, thank you. If you had the CBS Denver app, you'd have been the first to get an update on the arrest in this case.