A Patrick Mahomes comeback? Whataburger surges in poll on new Kansas City restaurants

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Remember how Kansas City would count on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to lead a come-from-behind win?

He’s doing it again, sort of.

We asked readers: What new Kansas City area restaurant are you most looking forward to?

The odds in this poll seemed to be in Whataburger’s favor. Kansas City is one of the first markets for the chain’s expansion outside of its native Texas. And Mahomes and his group plan 30 for the region, adding to the hype.

Whataburger started strong when the poll went online Wednesday morning, then dropped to a distant second. By Thursday afternoon, the clear No. 1 was Prime Social, an enclosed rooftop lounge scheduled to open by late November at 4622 Pennsylvania Ave., on a hill overlooking the Country Club Plaza.

Our Friday morning story proclaiming that fact might have been the decisive factor, perhaps galvanizing Whataburger fans to rally for their team.

As of that afternoon, Whataburger was headed to a resounding victory.

You can still weigh in on the poll (which is, admittedly, unscientific). We’ll keep it running through the end of the day Oct. 20. Click here to vote.

This graphic shows the results as of Friday afternoon:

Restaurant poll results as of 5:30 p.m. Oct. 15.
Restaurant poll results as of 5:30 p.m. Oct. 15.
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