Patriots Fans Are Worried About Tom Brady After He Shares Video of Himself on Intense Ski Run

Jason Duaine Hahn

Tom Brady is making New England Patriots fans a little anxious while he’s out on a family ski trip in Montana.

The legendary quarterback posted a video on Thursday in which he can be seen racing down a snowy hill on a pair of skis, just two months after winning his sixth Super Bowl ring. According to a comment Brady left in response to a teammate, he is the skier farthest to the right in the video.

“A little downhill this morning,” 41-year-old Brady wrote in the caption of the video, adding a cowboy emoji. “Now we just need to find the jump.”

While Brady put in some preparation ahead of the trip by watching footage of champion skier Lindsey Vonn, Patriots fans couldn’t help but worry that the athlete could be tempting fate by speeding down the mountain and risking injury.

“I hope this is a joke… [you’re] too valuable to risk it,” an Instagram user wrote of Brady’s video.

“My heart just dropped!” wrote another.

The video has earned nearly a million views since it was posted, and a solid portion of the thousands of comments it has inspired are people reminding Brady to “please be careful.”

Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen, wasn’t worried though, commenting, “What can I say. Boys will be boys,” on the video.