Patriots are overwhelming favorites to make the playoffs

Mike Florio

Caesars Entertainment, the official casino partner of the NFL, has issued updated odds for the various teams to make it to the 2019 playoffs.

The overwhelming favorites, to little surprise, are the Patriots. Installed as minus-850 propositions to qualify for the 12-team tournament, a bettor would have to wager $850 to win $100.

The next team considered most likely to make it are the Chiefs, at minus-380, followed by the Rams, at minus-330. The Saints are minus-275 candidates, followed by the remaining negative-territory franchises: Chargers, minus-210; Eagles, minus-200, Colts, minus-175; Browns, minus-130; Bears, minus-125; Steelers, minus-110.

The Packers are an even-money, bet-$100-win-$100 gamble, with the rest of the teams in plus territory: Cowboys, plus-110; Vikings, plus-100; Falcons, plus-140; Seahawks, plus-140; Texans, plus-150; Ravens, plus-185; 49ers, plus-230; Jaguars, plus-270; Panthers, plus-275; Titans, plus-280; Jets, plus-320; Giants, plus-360; Bills, plus-425; Broncos, plus-425; Lions, plus-425; Raiders, plus-500; Buccaneers, plus-525; Washington, plus-525; Bengals, plus-650; Cardinals, plus-1100; Dolphins, plus-1200.

Personally, I like the odds for the Jaguars and Panthers, along with the Falcons and Seahawks. The Lions are also an intriguing long shot.