Paul supporters show their love in the form of a money bomb

Ron Paul supporters showed the Republican presidential nominee some love in the form of $1.2 million dollars in donations since Valentine’s Day, Paul’s campaign announced on Wednesday.

The amount equals the donations that Rick Santorum received after his victories in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, the Hill reported.

Throughout the nomination process, donations to Paul’s campaign have come from short-term fundraisers and Paul’s grassroots network.

Paul said that the donations are needed to “keep spreading the word about liberty, reaching millions more voters, and securing the delegate spots key to winning the Republican nomination.”

The campaign is hoping that the additional funds will help keep Paul active in the race.

In addition to the need for money, Paul is also in the need of a primary win — he is currently in fourth place in the race with 19 delegates, behind candidates Newt Gingrich’s 32, Santorum’s 72 and frontrunner Mitt Romney’s 123.

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