PAX East: 'Borderlands 3' date coming April 3 when remasters release

Gearbox Software's March 28 presentation at the 2019 PAX East convention was capped with the long-awaited reveal of "Borderlands 3," though there were plenty of other announcements made over the preceding hour.

Three previous games in the "Borderlands" franchise are being re-released on April 3, with existing owners receiving free updates, and the release date for "Borderlands 3" expected the same day.

The series' 2009 first game, and 2012 and 2014 follow-ups "Borderlands 2" and "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel" are all being upgraded to support 4K resolution graphics and 4-player split-screen through free update for existing PC owners ("Borderlands") and PC and console owners ("Borderlands: The Handsome Collection") respectively; "Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition" will also be sold separately for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The virtual reality edition of "Borderlands 2," currently available for the PS4's PSVR headset, is likewise due a free update, with summer 2019 bringing all four expansion packs to "Borderlands 2 VR", though it remains a single-player experience and, for now, exclusive to PlayStation.

Yet the online and in-person audience for Gearbox's March 28 PAX East showcase had to wait to get to "Borderlands."

After the studio's CEO, accompanied by its creative director, opened proceedings with a giddy commentary through the previous day's teaser, a relatively new Gearbox Publishing division set out its stall.

Dystopian adventure "We Happy Few" receives its first Season Pass expansion, They Came From Below, on
April 4; action game "Bulletstorm" is arriving on Switch early northern Summer; and sinister childhood horror "Pathologic 2" creeps up from May 23.

Soft-edged space explorer "Astroneer" is now in Gearbox partnership, whose scope is to be revealed, while Justin Roilland, best known as co-creator of adult humor cartoon show "Rick and Morty," has bizarre alien jaunt "Trover Saves the Universe" trucking for a PS4 and PSVR debut on May 31, and impressively expanded survival sequel "Risk of Rain 2" is also part of the family.

It's "exactly the kind of game [we] would make if instead of 450 people, we only had a team of 25," Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said. Available now, it's buy one, get one free until April 30 through the Steam platform.

Gearbox also released a "Borderlands"-related card game "Tiny Tina's Robot Tea Party" at PAX, as well as an expanded range of clothing and merchandise.

Technical problems marred the trailer debuts for the "Handsome Collection" and "Borderlands 1" upgrades, greeted to cheers and good-natured jeers from the Boston audience, who did not yet know they were being given both for free. At long last, the "Borderlands 3" trailer was shown not once, not twice but, thanks to playback issues, three times for the baying crowd.