Idaho deputies investigate alleged hazing incident after a JV football game Thursday

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Deputies in an Idaho county are investigating a reported hazing incident involving students from the Fruitland School District after a junior varsity football game.

At about 11 p.m. Thursday, the Payette County Sheriff’s Office was informed of a potential hazing complaint involving 11 members of the Fruitland High School varsity football team, according to a news release. The Sheriff’s Office said there were three victims, ages 14 and 15.

After a junior varsity football game the same night, the 11 varsity players took the three victims to a McDonald’s. After eating, deputies say the victims were “restrained” by the varsity group and driven to Birding Island South, part of the state’s Payette River Wildlife Management Area, outside of New Plymouth.

The three were allegedly tied to a fence, and “one of the victims was shocked with a dog collar,” according to the Sheriff’s Office. Later, the varsity group removed the restraints and returned the three to Fruitland High School, authorities said.

No charges had been filed as of Monday. The Sheriff’s Office said the allegations were still under investigation.

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