PBR Bar Set To Open At Live! Casino In Greensburg

Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani is taking a ride on the mechanical bull at PBR Bar Pittsburgh, set to open at Live! Casino in Greensburg.

Video Transcript

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It's PBR meets PTL today. PBR stands for Professional Bull Riders.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Not Pabst Blue Ribbon?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: No, Professional Bull Riders.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: The organization and sport includes a tour of competitions but the brand is also a line of country bars.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: This is so cool. Those bars were in nine locations around the country but starting tomorrow, that number becomes 10 when PBR Pittsburgh at Live! Casino near Greensburg opens its doors to ranchers and wannabe cowboys like us. Or maybe like Celina Pompeani because she is there. She hasn't started line dancing yet, but it's only a matter of time, right Celina?

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, you know it, David and Heather. I love to line dance. I don't know if I love riding that mechanical bull. I was a little bit nervous up there. But it was definitely a fun experience. So yeah, we are live today at Live! Casino Pittsburgh here in Westmoreland County. And we are at PBR Pittsburgh. This is a new fabulous country bar set to open tomorrow, Friday night. It's going to be a great night.

And if you don't know, like you guys mentioned earlier, I heard you say PBR stands for Professional Bull Riding. And check out that mechanical bull. This place is going to be such a blast. So I first want to introduce Sean Sullivan. He is the general manager here at Live! Casino Pittsburgh. Sean, thanks for having us. We're getting a sneak peek.

SEAN SULLIVAN: Yes, thank you for being here. We're extremely excited about opening this new venue. It's another entertainment component to our property. We're providing all kinds of entertainment, from games out front, to casino action, to great restaurants with Guy Fieri's. So here's just another cup of tea that we're putting out there for our lovely guests.

CELINA POMPEANI: So tell me about PBR Pittsburgh. What makes this bar stand out? Why is it so different?

SEAN SULLIVAN: You know, it's-- first of all, PBR, Professional Bull Riders, is a well-known brand in the country world. If you go out to NFR, that's another one. PBR is one of the more substantial brands in the country world. So it's very exciting. It's very specifically a bull riding rodeo event. And to be part of them and to work with them for their logo and for their use is fantastic. It really gives us a unique position. It's not just any country bar.

CELINA POMPEANI: And tell me more about the mechanical bull. I mean, do you have to be good to get up there? I have no experience and I was pretty nervous.

SEAN SULLIVAN: Yeah, no, it's-- it's adjustable, right? So if you're seasoned, your inner cowboy, and you've been on bulls before, we can give you a ride, right? If you're brand new and you just want to try it out, it's an easy slow pace. And you could come back and get a little better each week and you could learn to be a professional bull rider if you'd like to.


SEAN SULLIVAN: So yeah, lots of settings on that bull, if you will.


SEAN SULLIVAN: He's very friendly or he can be pretty mean, so--


CELINA POMPEANI: Well, Sean, thank you for having us.

SEAN SULLIVAN: A pleasure.

CELINA POMPEANI: I also want to bring over DJ Givner, he is the operations manager. DJ, I'm sure you are just so excited for the grand opening tomorrow.

DJ GIVNER: I'm so thrilled.

CELINA POMPEANI: And how many people would you expect to come out here? And, just for people watching right now, what part of the casino is this located?

DJ GIVNER: So we're actually upstairs and we're right next to the Sports & Social sports bar.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, nice. So before we go, you have so much in here to offer people.

DJ GIVNER: Correct.

CELINA POMPEANI: But I also wanted to bring up some of your events coming up. You have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to this summer that'll be held here.

DJ GIVNER: Correct. So what's exciting about this venue, it's one of the very most unique things around here. I've never seen anything like that. This area is actually already geared up to see this. One of the events that we're actually looking forward to coming up on 4th of July weekend is our Freedom Fridays. We actually honor our heroes. And then we'll also be doing a flag salute. So that'll be coming up. So if you guys want to look for that, you can follow us on Facebook or look on our website at PBR Pittsburgh. Check that out.

CELINA POMPEANI: I love it. Thank you so much. DJ Givner, the operations manager. So follow me over here, David and Heather. I decided because Sean said, you know what, give it another try. You can get better at this. I'm going to get better. Are you guys ready? And just so you know, I do have shorts on. I always wear shorts under my dresses for this reason. Oh, no.


You--you keep it-- you keep it slow, DJ.

DJ GIVNER: I will.

CELINA POMPEANI: I saw you running over there. Whoa. Oh, boy. OK. This may be hard to jump up now because it seems like it deflated. I'm going to try.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh no. Oh, Celina, don't hurt yourself.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh boy, he's pumping it up.


CELINA POMPEANI: No, I got this. Here we go, guys.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, I'm afraid.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: We need you to be in one piece.

CELINA POMPEANI: We're getting air. No.


I need a running start. I'm popping up--

HEATHER ABRAHAM: So that's what they do, Celina, they--

CELINA POMPEANI: --and I'm going to get another try here.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: --they fill up that inflatable underneath you to help you get up on the bull, right?



DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh my god, Celina!




DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, that's fantastic.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: I got to admit, that's better than line dancing.





DAVID HIGHFIELD: Keep it in the slow mode.



All right.



DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, Celina, you're fantastic.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Is it-- it's-- that's in slow-- that's really slow.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: That would be my speed. I wouldn't want to go any faster than that.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: Celina, your running jump is amazing.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: You win the award for most memorable live shot of the month, maybe the year.


All right.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Be safe, Celina.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Oh, here we go.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, no. Oh, no. Turn it back off--

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I feel like we should just stay on this.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: --keep her safe.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I don't know.


OK. PBR Pittsburgh opens tomorrow. The 4,000 plus square foot facility will operate Thursday through Saturday.