PC download charts: 'Three Kingdoms XIV', 'Karlson' hit the heights

'Karlson' pairs minimalistic graphics with kinetic momentum.
'Karlson' pairs minimalistic graphics with kinetic momentum.

The Chinese battlefield heroics of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV" prove popular on Steam, while milk-obsessed, parkour-based "Karlson" leaps for indie fame.

[RotTK Trailer 2: youtu.be/zwO64YoK44I]

The latest entry to a 35-year-old strategy series has landed high up the Steam charts on the strength of its Chinese, Japanese and Korean editions alone.

Debuting on January 16, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV" is destined for both PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide from February 28.

For this franchise outing, maps are controlled via a new hex-based system providing the basis for domestic and military matters, occupation-based acquisitions and battlefront clashes across 46 cities and 340 regions.

Yet on top of battlefield demands, commanding a sprawling army complicated by the behavior of up to 1,500 officers, players deal not only with subordinates who show initiative in suggesting alternative actions, but those who might ignore orders altogether.

Indie hit "Karlson" is concerned with a different set of strategic skills: free-wheeling, close-up and in-your-face.

[DaniDev's Karlson Trailer: youtu.be/6JvGYJMJzek]

The low-gravity, slow-mo action sim has players propel themselves through a sequence of levels, forever closing down on each stage's prize: a carton of milk positioned on an unassuming table.

Between player and ice-cool lactate pour lies an obstacle course of angled platforms, improbable jumps, wallruns and explosive barrels.

Currently in demo form, "Karlson" also contains a selection of weapons that, in the right hands, can slap down security guards, double as airborne propulsion (thanks to an overpowered recoil), or shoot out grappling hooks for Spider-Man-style swings.

Norwegian developer DaniDev made "Karlson" after being challenged to make a 3D game, building on his existing know-how with a variety of YouTube tutorials.

Once done, he posted the results to Itch.io, where it's top of the site's New & Popular chart and overall Top Games ranking, then opening up a Steam store page, where fans can wishlist his game ahead of full release.

The PC, Mac and Linux demo is available to download from danidev.itch.io/karlson.

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3. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV
4. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (pre-purchase)
5. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (pre-purchase)
*Steam chart based on revenue rather than units.

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