Peach Farmers Brace For Upcoming Cold

A hard freeze ruined most of the peach crop in 2020 and farmers are working hard to keep that from happening again this year.

Video Transcript

CHRIS: --you like peaches like I do, then you better hope that it gets a little warmer. A freeze warning in Grand Valley may threaten this season's peach crop in Colorado. Clark Family Orchards, in Palisade, is taking precautions to protect their fruit. The farm will have frost alarms set to 34 to 35 degrees tonight and on Monday.

If there is no wind, they have a wind machine to create air movement through the orchards to let slightly warmer air in. Now last year, a late frost just crushed the crops. The farmers said it was the worst crop loss since 1999.

- Chris, we can't have that, man. I've got to have my peaches this summer.