Pedal Share bike program helps people enjoy Long Island this summer

What started in the village of Southampton as a way to get by the beach and back from the train has grown into Suffolk County's official bike share program.

Video Transcript

- Today was a little bit of a washout. But for all the activities here at Jones Beach, it couldn't happen without Bethpage Federal Credit.

- That's exactly right, and they feel the same way in Southampton There's a new bike share program there, a bike share program that is basically the brainchild of Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Amy Freeze has more.

AMY FREEZE: It's a quick way for visitors to take a spin through communities on the island.

CHRIS DIMON: We wanted to do bikes, because we felt it was an eco-friendly way to give first and last-mile transportation, to connect people to different communities.

AMY FREEZE: Bike racks are set up close to train stops to encourage users to explore the village. During the pandemic, ridership took off.

MICHELLE TRAYNOR: Because there were so many sold out across the island, so this gave a lot of families in the community a way to get outside and be healthy while safely distancing throughout the quarantine.

AMY FREEZE: Using a free app on your phone called Bloom, you can rent a bike in just a few minutes.

CHRIS DIMON: It's a $4 an hour, $35 a day, and $59 for the annual membership, which gives you unlimited one-hour rentals.

AMY FREEZE: There are seven different locations to rent a bike. The one here in the village of Babylon is right next to Argyle Lake. Don't forget your helmet.

MICHELLE TRAYNOR: Our vision is to enrich the lives of our communities, and we figured that this was a very big vehicle to do that.

CHRIS DIMON: This program wouldn't exist without Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

AMY FREEZE: There are 1,500 bikes right now in Suffolk County available for use, and the average ride time is 43 minutes. And it is really cool way to get around. It's growing in popularity. But once you take a bike out, you do return it to the rack, so usually there's always one there for you to catch a ride. And temperatures will eventually get hot, and you'll want to stay cool.