Pedestrian bridge collapses on DC highway, injuring five people, officials say

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A pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a highway in Washington, D.C., injuring fivepeople, officials say.

The bridge across DC-295 — which connects to Interstate 295 — fell onto the southbound lanes Wednesday morning in northeast D.C., police say.

Five people were taken to the hospital after six were assessed at the scene, officials say. All five were riding in cars and had injuries not considered to be life-threatening, officials say.

DC-295 was expected to be closed in both directions until 10 p.m. Thursday with no access from the US-50/New York split to the Interstate 695 interchange, according to D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

At a news conference, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Christopher Geldart said it appears a collision shortly before noon caused the bridge to be separated from moorings and fall. He said it’s possible a truck seen under the bridge was involved in the collision but the accident remained under investigation.

A truck was partially under the bridge, causing a diesel fuel leak, officials say. A hazmat unit is responding.

The truck was hauling 500 gallons of fuel and about 25 gallons leaked into nearby drains, a D.C. Department of Energy & Environment spokesperson told WRC. The hazmat team used a material to absorb the diesel to prevent risks to waterways, the news outlet reported.

Officials say at least one other vehicle was hit by debris.

The collapse blocked traffic in southbound and northbound lanes.

A video posted by The DMV Daily showed cars halted by the collapse. Traffic was backed up for miles, the news outlet reported.

Another video showed the truck smashed underneath the bridge.

Gail Thurston told WTOP she was driving when she saw the bridge fall onto the road.

“I couldn’t tell if anybody was trapped or hurt,” Thurston told WTOP. “All I know is, everybody around me who has stopped, we were trying to dial 911 and nobody could get through.”

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