A new pedestrian crossing will open near Lindley Middle

Marietta Daily Journal, Ga.
·1 min read

Mar. 22—Lindley Middle School students and families, and anyone else walking along Veterans Memorial Parkway will soon be able to use a crosswalk traffic signal to cross more safely.

The new overhead flashing traffic signal and a crosswalk island were installed earlier this month. The Georgia Department of Transportation, which funded the project, is monitoring it for 30 days. The new crossing equipment is scheduled to go live April 27, according to GDOT.

After it goes live, the crossing equipment will be maintained by Cobb County.

Pedestrians can more safely cross the street by pushing a button to activate the signal, alerting on-coming road traffic to slow and stop. There are also additional signs at the crossing alerting drivers that pedestrians may be in the crosswalk.

The signal's lights are off until a pedestrian activates the signal with the push buttons.

Once activated, a flashing yellow light appears followed by a solid yellow light, indicating drivers should slow and prepare to stop. Next, a solid double red light requires drivers to come to a full stop. Then, flashing red signals are timed to allow pedestrians to cross the street.

On a road where all traffic is in one direction, drivers should remain stopped to allow all pedestrians to cross the street. When the area around the crosswalk is clear, the signal will go dark and drivers can then proceed with caution through the intersection.