Pedestrian killed in SW Harris Co. hit-and-run crash

A man was walking eastbound on Bissonnet near Royal Park around 4 a.m. Sunday when a vehicle struck him and kept going, authorities said.

Video Transcript

- What we have is a auto-ped fatality. We have no suspect information, vehicle information. The accident occurred in the 13500 block of Bissonnet Street in the eastbound lane of travel.

- So it was a hit and run?

- Yes, sir, it appears to be.

- And any indication-- there's no description at all of--

- No description of any suspect information or vehicles. We had a couple of bystanders that were on scene prior to our arrival. We have since determined that they were not involved and did not have any pertinent information to our suspects.

- And the victim, was this an adult, male female?

- As of right now, it appears that it's going to be an adult male. We don't have any age range as of right now due to the extent of injuries.

- And any idea what that pedestrian was doing or anything? Or how it all--

- As of right now, preliminary information reveals that he was possibly walking in the middle lane, in between both lanes of travel at the time he was struck.

- And if anybody should know anything, who should they contact?

- If anybody has any information pertaining to this investigation, they should contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office at our dispatch or any information line. We'll probably get a crime tips set up. That way if anybody has any information, they can contact the crime tip hot-line as well.