Pelosi praises legislation pushed by House Dems

Democrats are pushing their agenda forward, an unapologetically partisan approach based on the calculation that it’s better to advance the giant COVID-19 rescue package and other priorities than court Republicans who may never compromise. (March 4)

Video Transcript

NANCY PELOSI: The Biden American Rescue Plan, which we are very, very proud of, which as we said, puts vaccines in the arms of the American people, money in the pockets of the American people, children in school safely, and workers back into their jobs, among other things. We're very proud of the legislation. We wish the Senate well in its deliberations. This is the-- this is Congress working its will.

We can build back better for the people in every zip code, as we said in our caucus yesterday, build back better for the people, advancing justice, opportunity, and prosperity in every zip code. Also last night, we pulled forward the bill that we were going to bring to the floor this morning for a vote. And we decided to do that last night and that was the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act.

It's pretty exciting to have a big strong Democratic vote. For that, we had wished it would be bipartisan. It is something that we all take great pride in. Millions of the people worldwide marched, came out, peacefully demonstrated to say enough, enough, when they saw George Floyd lynched before their very eyes, for eight minutes and 46 seconds.