Pelosi on staying in leadership role: ‘I will always have influence’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said when asked on Sunday if she will stay in Democratic House leadership that she will “always have influence” in the political world.

“There are all kinds of ways to exert influence,” Pelosi told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” adding that the “Speaker has awesome power, but I will always have influence.”

Pelosi, 82, said she will make a decision on whether to run for Democratic leadership in the lower chamber by the end of November.

Democrats captured the Senate after winning a key race in Nevada but are still battling for control of the House.

Currently, Republicans hold slightly more seats and are on track to clinch the 218 seats needed to form a majority, but about 20 seats have yet to be called.

Pelosi was first elected Speaker in 2007 and regained the gavel in 2019. But some progressive Democratic lawmakers have called for new blood in the House leadership.

The assault of her husband, Paul Pelosi, in their San Francisco home last month will also factor into her decision to run for House Leadership, Nancy Pelosi has said.

On Sunday, she said Democrats are asking her to stay in the leadership position after the party outperformed expectations and beat back an anticipated red wave, but her family’s wishes will also be a factor.

“I’m not asking anyone for anything,” she said. “Any decision will be rooted in the wishes of my family and the wishes of my caucus.”

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