Pelosi: Stimulus deal possible by the end of the day

Nancy Pelosi says she's optimistic American's will receive a stimulus deal by the end of the day. Yahoo Finance's On The Move panel weigh in.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: Well, there's some breaking news. So let me say thank you, Neil Gill, Dogtopia CEO. The breaking news is that the market is going gangbusters over something coming from Nancy Pelosi. Dow is up-- it doubled on this news-- now up more than 240 points.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said on Bloomberg Television that it is very possible there will be a stimulus deal at the end of today. Remember, she set that deadline, and she said that the-- in actuality, the deal-- the two sides would have, quote, "their terms on the table." We heard from President Trump this morning, speaking on Fox, where he said that he would go even bigger than what the Democrats are talking about-- $2.2 trillion. The key in all of this are the Republicans in the Senate, but right now Nancy Pelosi says it looks like there will be a deal on stimulus by the end of the day.