Pelosi: Too dangerous to remove House chamber metal detectors

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no plans to remove the metal detectors installed at each entrance of the lower chamber.

“As long as there is a threat, we’ll have to have protection,” she told reporters at her weekly press conference on Thursday.


Pelosi’s comments come days after two House Republicans, Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia and Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, filed a lawsuit in Washington D.C.’s district court that the metal detector fines levied against House lawmakers for security breaches are unconstitutional.

Gohmert was issued a $5,000 fine, and Clyde received $15,000 in fines, by the House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett last month for “failure to complete a security screening” before entering the House chamber.

The lawsuit challenges the metal detector security measure, known as H.R. 73, passed by Pelosi and her Democratic majority after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, which mandates that every lawmaker must walk through a magnetometer to enter the chamber or be fined thousands of dollars from his or her pay.

"It is clear to me that the intent of the speaker is to gain improper influence over the actions of the minority Republican Party and to further Speaker Pelosi's false political narrative. That, and I quote, ‘The enemy is within the House of Representatives.’ House Resolution 73 is a failure of logic built upon a foundation of Democrat lies that say Republican members and their voters are dangerous domestic terrorists," Clyde told reporters Monday.


Pelosi later denied she ever accused Republicans of being a threat after making those remarks, later saying in March, "I have not made that accusation, but others have, and it's being investigated.”

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