Peloton Instructor Slams ‘Disgusting Fat Shaming Comments’ on Facebook

@ashpryor_thatsme via Instagram

Ash Pryor simply doesn't have time for haters. The Peloton rowing instructor called out her critics in a powerful social media post over the weekend and it's resonating with a lot of her followers.

Pryor, the founder of a nonprofit called Relentless Rowing Academy, took to Instagram on Sunday to call out "disgusting fat shaming comments" she'd recently received and sent a strong message to anyone who wants to kill her positive vibes.

“This week I got to share with the world a project I have been working on for almost a year and the love was unmatched. I looked at FB hoping it would be the same as everywhere else. It was not,” she wrote. “The amount of disgusting fat shaming comments, ironically by men with profile pictures standing with their wife and daughter, were over(w)helming.”

Pryor went on to share her clothing sizes — size 12 pant, size large legging, size XL sports bra, size large tank top — to make the point that she is healthy, despite her critics' hurtful words.

"The middle school me would be mortified by those sizes but the healed 31 year old stands proudly in her truth," she wrote. "I fought hard to make it this far in life. A story only few know. I worked hard to make waves in rowing the way I have."

Last week, Pryor announced that she was going to be a Peloton rowing instructor. In her latest Instagram post she explained why she jumped at the exciting opportunity.

"I have played small a large portion of my life and when this opportunity came about I said I’m showing up unapologetically because why not me? Someone needs to see someone like me! So let me be the first!" she wrote.

The 31-year-old could've just ignored her haters, but she chose to use this opportunity to encourage other women.

"To all the fat shamers questioning my health and calling me Lizzo, that’s actually not an insult. I share this not for them but for anyone trying to be the first and still working through their stuff to drown out the 'boos,'" she wrote.

Pryor went on to share five motivating tips for her followers and shared the following sentiment: “It is easy to criti(ci)ze when you’re not in the arena. Let them talk while you work."

Pryor's fellow Peloton instructors chimed in in the comments section to shower her with support.

"ALL👏🏽OF👏🏽THIS👏🏽," Peloton instructor Jess Sims wrote.

Tunde Oyeneyin, a Peloton instructor and author, shared a lengthy comment.

"What anyone hates in you magnifies what they hate in themselves. On a daily basis I remind myself that everyone’s opinion of me is none of my business," she wrote. "You are absolute light Ash, and I know you know that. To hell with anyone who hasn’t even given you a chance to prove them otherwise."

Peloton instructor Camila Mariana Ramón also weighed in.

"It’s fuel to the fire that keeps backing why it is we do what we do," she wrote.


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