Pembroke Hockey Players Billy Hickey And Joey Birolini Laid To Rest

Twenty-three-year-olds Billy Hickey and Joey Birolini were killed in a car crash early Saturday morning.

Video Transcript

- There was a joint funeral mass in Pembroke today for two 23-year-olds who had been best friends for most of their lives.

Today's service was held at the St. Thecla's Catholic Church where it was live-streamed online due to coronavirus restrictions. Joey Birolini and Billy Hickey were teammates on the Pembroke High hockey team before they went on to college.

Before the service today, local hockey players with their sticks in hand lined the street between the funeral home and the church to say their goodbyes. The pair died last weekend when the SUV they were in careened off Elm Street in Pembroke and hit a tree.

ALEX O'DOWD: It's a big family, for sure. Everybody here kind of knows each other. They have a connection. Even if you don't know somebody, you see the stick, you see a kid playing street hockey somewhere, it's just like, oh, that's awesome. It's a big family and it's important to support each other.

- Birolini and Hickey were also buried next to each other. An investigation into the crash that killed them is still ongoing.