Pence says he and Trump don’t necessarily differ on issues but ‘may differ on focus’

Responding to a question at the Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth organization, former Vice President Mike Pence said he doesn’t know that he and former President Donald Trump differ on issues, but he said they “may differ on focus.” Pence then said the movement shouldn’t be tempted to “look back,” a reference to Trump’s bogus claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

Video Transcript

REPORTER: President Trump and yourself are both speaking this week in DC and there seems to be a divide between the two of you on your outlook on what the future of the conservative movement might be. So do you think that this divide extends to the rest of the conservative movement, like the general public, and what do you think we can do to alleviate it?

MIKE PENCE: Well, I will tell you that I couldn't be more proud of the record of the Trump-Pence administration. I mean, for four years we advanced the policies that I just describe, without apology, to promote a growing economy to secure our border. We appointed more than 300 conservatives to our federal courts at every level, including three Supreme Court justices. We rebuild our military. All of what I described.

And I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to serve as Vice President. So I don't know that our movement is that divided. I don't know that the President and I differ on issues, but we may differ on focus.

I truly do believe that elections are about the future. And that is absolutely essential at a time when so many Americans are hurting, so many families are struggling that we don't give way to the temptation to look back. But I think the time has come for us to offer a bold, positive agenda to bring America back. And I'll continue to carry that message all across this nation. Thanks, Edgar.