Peninsula Bartender Coughed On By Woman Told To Wear Mask: Report

Gideon Rubin

BELMONT, CA — Another week, another Bay Area cougher captured on video.

In the most recent known incident, a woman coughed on a bartender in Belmont who’d ordered her to wear a mask, KRON reports.

The case follows a June 12 incident in which a woman identified as a San Jose School District employee coughed on a baby two to three times after claiming that her mother wasn’t complying with social distancing guidelines at a San Jose frozen yogurt shop, an incident also captured on video.

Such incidents are especially concerning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus is a respiratory illness known to be spread by airborne droplets.

Misha Marotta, the bartender's co-worker at the St. James Gate Bar and Restaurant, told KRON that before the incident his colleague told the woman “you have to put your mask on and you have to stay six feet away from people you didn’t’ come into the bar with.”

The woman is shown on video leaning over the bar and coughing in the bartender’s face. A man she was with is shown trying to whisk her away from the bar.

The incident occurred on June 19, the first day St. James Gate San Mateo County allowed indoor bars and restaurants to reopen under specific social distancing guidelines.

The bartender planned to be tested for the coronavirus but was believed to be doing OK according to the report.

The woman ordered to leave the bar and knocked over a chair and flashed her middle finger towards the bar on her way out.

“She knocked over the chair on purpose,” Marotta said. “I don’t know if she was intoxicated or not. I kind of hope she was. If she acts that way sober, then that’s pretty scary.”

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This article originally appeared on the Belmont Patch