Peninsula Eatery Ends Run Of Over 64 Years: Report

Gideon Rubin

SAN MATEO, CA — A San Mateo Italian delicatessen has shuttered, ending a run of over 64 years, The San Mateo Daily Journal reports.

Esposto’s Delicatessen had operated at the Borel Square Shopping Center at 59 Bovet Road since 1956 according to the report.

The deli’s owner, 67-year-old Bill Esposto, cited the economic impact of the coronavirus along with rising rents for his decision to shutter the Peninsula institution according to the report.

Esposto purchased the restaurant from his father, who started it in 1956, 24 years ago according to the report. Esposto has been involved in the restaurant since he was 10.

“We have to make a business decision to close this location because we can’t have indoor seating, we can’t have outdoor seating. It just doesn’t work for our business model,” Esposto told the publication.

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This article originally appeared on the Redwood City-Woodside Patch