Penn State student accused of sexually assaulting, strangling woman in dorm room

A former Penn State student was accused Wednesday of sexually assaulting a woman inside his dorm room less than three weeks after fall semester classes began, a time when sexual violence experts say sexual assaults on college campuses reach their peak.

Samuel H. Logan, 18, of Cumberland County, was accused of strangling and assaulting a fellow student inside his Simmons Hall dorm room in September before he forced her to perform oral sex, university police wrote in an affidavit of probable cause.

Two of the woman’s friends told investigators she cried after the alleged assault and appeared distraught. A defense lawyer for Logan was not listed.

The woman told a detective she recently met Logan and had not met him in person. They used the dating app Tinder and multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat to converse, police wrote.

She went to his dorm for consensual kissing, police wrote, but Logan is accused of disregarding the boundaries she set. She repeatedly told him to stop, police wrote, yet he continued the assault with what she described as an “empty look in his eyes.”

The woman said it was difficult for her to breathe or talk and she thought she was going to die, police wrote.

Her friends — whom she asked to stay near the dorm room because she felt apprehensive to meet with Logan — attempted to call and text her, police wrote. Logan, however, is accused of sending a text message from her phone before putting it out of her reach.

Logan told a detective the woman wanted to kiss, but said he could not recall what else she agreed to, police wrote. He acknowledged the woman told him to stop, police wrote.

He also admitted to strangling and assaulting the woman before he forced her to perform oral sex, police wrote.

University administrators and sexual violence prevention organizations call the time from beginning of the fall semester to Thanksgiving break the “red zone.” Although every student is at risk, freshman women and transfer students are the most vulnerable.

More than half of college sexual assaults occur during that time, according to the nonprofit The Center for Women and Families. Most students are sexually assaulted by someone they know.

Logan was charged with one felony count each of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault and strangulation. He was also charged with one misdemeanor count each of indecent assault and simple assault.

He was released from the Centre County Correctional Facility after he posted bail, which was set by District Judge Don Hahn at 5% of $90,000.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 31.

Logan is not currently enrolled, university spokesman Wyatt DuBois wrote in an email.

“As in all cases, the university may take student conduct action in addition to, and separate from, the charges filed by police,” DuBois wrote. “The Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response will review the allegations and determine appropriate next steps.”