Pennsylvania AG Declares ‘Trump Is Going to Lose’ If Every Vote Is Counted

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro predicted over the weekend that President Trump will lose Pennsylvania in Tuesday’s election if every vote in the battleground state is counted.

“If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process,” Shapiro said in a tweet Saturday afternoon.

Last week, Shapiro accused Trump of “actively trying to undermine this election” because he is unable to win Pennsylvania.

“He’s doing that because he knows that if all legal eligible votes are counted, he’s more likely than not going to come out on the losing side here in Pennsylvania,” the attorney general said.

Democrats have been successful in recent weeks in court against Republicans on Pennsylvania ballot issues. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court granted Democrats a win when it ruled that Pennsylvania election officials may count ballots postmarked on Election Day and received within three days. Last month, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that ballots from voters in the battleground state may not be rejected due to signature comparisons alone.

On Sunday after Trump threatened to sue over the three-day grace period for Pennsylvania ballots, Shapiro said that he expects to win any other legal challenges the administration launches, saying, “if your lawyers want to try us, we’d be happy to defeat you in court one more time.”

Shapiro has promised that he will make sure every ballot gets counted in the hotly contested swing state. More than 2.4 million Pennsylvanians have already voted by mail as of Tuesday.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes could end up deciding the presidential election. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a narrow lead over Trump in Pennsylvania at 49 points to Trump’s 45 points, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Both candidates are campaigning in the state on Tuesday, the last day before Election Day.

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