Pennsylvania Eases Restrictions On Restaurants, Other Businesses Starting Sunday

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, Easter Sunday also meant some changing COVID restrictions for Pennsylvania bars and restaurants. Unlike last year, people were able to leave Easter services and head inside to brunch. Eyewitness News reporter Dan Koob was there to greet them.

AUDREY KRETSCHAM: It's pretty huge, I'd say.

DAN KOOB: Pennsylvania restaurants and bars outside of Philly are almost back. Easter Sunday saw the loosening of COVID restrictions and upping of indoor capacities to 75% throughout the Commonwealth. Bar service can resume. Alcohol can now be purchased without food. And last call has been moved to 11:00 PM.

AUDREY KRETSCHAM: I see the numbers, and definitely have been lower. Especially with the winter and having the 50%. It's just been very hard, because we are only able to seat inside. But now that it's outside and we have the 75%, I think that our summer should be a pretty good season.

DAN KOOB: Some of the Easter brunch customers at Bernie's in Glenside say they feel like a giant weight is being lifted as more people become vaccinated and more things go back to normal.

SCOTT LASIER: Yeah, definitely. I feel people are out. I think people are less stressed. They're just out returning to somewhat normal.

DAN KOOB: But caution remains around almost every corner. Speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation," Sunday morning, Dr. Scott Gottlieb was asked if health officials recommendations are losing influence on the public.

SCOTT GOTTLIEB: I do think it's important that people like Dr. Fauci and the CDC director urge caution. I think we should continue to be cautious. We're still in a high-prevalence environment. We still have these variants circulating that we don't fully understand. Rosemary Lanzilotti and her husband are vaccinated but still being very cautious. It's been months since they've seen their grandkids. But at least they got to enjoy some music and Easter brunch.

ROSEMARY LANZILOTTI: Well, we're here. So yeah. And the wine's good.

DAN KOOB: Dan Koob "CBS3 Eyewitness News."