Pennsylvania: Fetterman wins Senate race

Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman delivers victory speech after winning crucial Senate race in Pennsylvania against Republican Mehmet Oz.

Video Transcript

JOHN FETTERMAN: You know, this campaign has always been about fighting for everyone who's ever been got knocked down that ever got back up.


This race is for the future of every community all across Pennsylvania, for every small town or person that ever felt left behind, for every job that has ever been lost, for every factory that was ever closed, for every person that works hard but never got to ever get ahead. I'm proud of what we ran on, protecting a woman's right to choose--


--raising our minimum wage, fighting the union way of life-- Health care is a fundamental human right. It saved my life and it should all be there for you would you ever should need it. --standing up to corporate greed, making more things right here in America and right here in Pennsylvania, and standing up for our democracy. 20 years ago, I came to Braddock to start a GED program, and I've spent the last two decades fighting for the forgotten communities because no community deserves to be left behind.

No one deserves to be abandoned. And every place matters. And I want to-- again, I want to thank all of you amazing supporters, all of you and all watching in every year. We bet on the people of Pennsylvania, and you didn't let us down.


And my promise to all of you is I will never let you down. Thank you, Pennsylvania. Thank you so much.