Pennsylvania Lifting Nearly All COVID-19 Restrictions On Memorial Day

Alicia Roberts reports.

Video Transcript

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Pennsylvania is one day away from lifting nearly all COVID-19 restrictions. Tomorrow, restaurants, bars, stores, salons, gyms, theaters, and other businesses can open at full capacity. Eyewitness News reporter Alicia Roberts live outside the AMC Theaters in King of Prussia with a look at the changes coming and how Pennsylvanians are feeling about them. Alicia?

ALICIA ROBERTS: Well, Joe, on a rainy, cold Sunday night, a movie kind of sounds just about right. And come tomorrow, as you mentioned, every seat in the house will be able to be sold thanks to those changes that happen on Memorial Day Monday here.

And behind me, you can see the parking lot barely crowded right now. Business owners across the region hoping that will quickly change. Happening Monday, capacity restrictions on bars, restaurants, and other businesses as well as indoor and outdoor event gathering limits will go away permanently, meaning large venues like concert halls, movie theaters, stadiums, and wedding venues could soon be packed. That would be the first time since early 2020.

Now, again, a reminder, people who are fully vaccinated don't have to wear their masks. But those who are not must still where those through at least June 28, when the state expects to reach a 70% vaccination rate. Everyone must still wear a mask in health care settings and on public transportation.

For those we talked to, spending a rainy Sunday holiday weekend at the movies, well, it was a long-awaited return to normal.

- It was great. There was nobody in there. We had the place to ourselves almost.

LAURA HAZEL-GIACOMUCCI: We brought our masks. And I'm fully vaccinated. She just got her first shot today. And we still wore them just to be safe.

JACQUELINE COFFEY: I feel like we're well on the way. I was just at a wedding last night. I feel like people are just really ready to get out there. The weather's warming up. And it feels as back to normal as it can be.

ALICIA ROBERTS: If you got a little bit of cabin fever from all that rain happening this weekend here, well, good news. AMC has movies showing through 10 o'clock tonight. So Joe, grab your popcorn, and get a ticket to pre-COVID life.