Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart's Wife, Spotted on Policing Duty for Queen's Funeral

Penny Lancaster, the wife of Scottish rocker Rod Stewart, was seen patrolling during the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, September 19.

Footage by Adam Charlie Toms shows Lancaster weaving through the crowd in central London in her City of London police uniform.

Lancaster applied to become a special constable after taking part in Famous and Fighting Crime, a reality TV show, The Times said. Credit: Adam Charlie Toms via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Just getting back to my friend.

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- Good. Thank you for that aspect of it.

- That way, since she's leaving.

- No, she stopped to wait.

- Yeah. Leave too soon.

- Sorry, someone should get in the back.

- Sorry, I don't know yet.

- Have they come from?

- Hampshire's Beach gone up.

- Let me know when it's time.

- So, indeed.

- I'm sorry. Not a right time.

- Oh, no, no. Not bad.

- She doesn't freely go through.

- Right now she's coming back. Then she's going back to her friends. Her friends, that way.

- What expression, great expression, nice to see.

- Where does she think that's she's going.

- No.

- I'm feeling so bad.

- In the place, they'll get together in this place.

- I was going to meet you around 10:00, how do you think--

- Happy, I think.

- We don't want a police problem.

- Anyone can get through. She can't.

- Only a roll-out, this.

- Yeah.

- Not one.