Police officer dies, others injured and Pentagon locked down after shots fired at DC Metro station

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The Pentagon in Arlington, Va. (AFP via Getty Images)
The Pentagon in Arlington, Va. (AFP via Getty Images)

The Pentagon, headquarters of America’s armed forces, went into lockdown after a shooting was reported at a nearby Metro station.

Multiple gunshots were heard by the station, which is served by the city’s Yellow and Blue lines, The Associated Press reported.

The shooting reportedly occurred outside the station at a bus platform.

“The Pentagon currently is on lock down due to an incident at the Pentagon Transit Center. We are asking the public to please avoid the area. More information will be forthcoming,” read a statement released on Twitter by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).

Separately, a spokesperson for PFPA told Politico that a gunman had been shot by police by the bus platform, while one officer was injured by gunfire in the process. CNN reported on Tuesday afternoon that the officer had died from his injuries.

The lockdown was lifted later Tuesday after the scene was contained by law enforcement.

The Pentagon is located across the Potomac from downtown Washington DC, in Arlington, Virginia.

In statements, Arlington Fire & Metro indicated that the scene was still “active” and that multiple victims were found by EMS personnel, although their conditions were not clear. A PFPA tweet stated that the area was an “active crime scene” but “secure” around noon local time.

“Scene is still active, ACFD did encounter multiple patients. [No further info] on patient status will be provided,” tweeted Arlington Fire and EMS.

“The scene of the incident is secure. It is still an active crime scene. We request that everyone stay away from the Metro rail entrance and bus platform area. Transportation at the Pentagon is diverted to Pentagon City,” added PFPA.

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