Pentagon sending troops to aid vaccine drive

The Pentagon will deploy more than 1,100 troops to five vaccination centers to support the effort to get more Americans inoculated against COVID-19. It also announced the Air Force is investigating a security breach at Joint Base Andrews. (Bef. 5)

Video Transcript

JOHN KRIBY: As I think you've heard, the White House COVID task force announced this morning that the Secretary, Secretary Austin, has approved 1,110 active duty service members to support five FEMA vaccination centers. A team of 222 personnel will support each one of these mega sites. These teams will include medical and support personnel, it'll be largely medical personnel.

An initial group, one team of 222, will be deploying to California, to a site in California in coming days. We expect that they'll be able to get on site on or about the 15th of this month, but I would refer you to FEMA to speak specifically to what location that is. That's just one team of this initial tranche of of 1,100 personnel.

We're still working with FEMA to determine what those other teams, what sites those other teams will go to, and in what order. In other words, what the timeline is. Everybody in the department, and certainly everybody in the Air Force, understands what a serious matter this is. They have made adjustments to their security protocols at Andrews, they've now ordered a full investigation of it, and they've gone a step further, in an order to look at all the security protocols and installations worldwide.

So let's let them do their work. Let's let the investigators finish what they need to finish. We'll learn things, I'm sure, about this. And I have every confidence that the Air Force will share what they've learned with you when they can.