Pentagon: Strikes in Syria make clear US will act

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said Friday the U.S. military airstrikes in eastern Syria Thursday were conducted against facilities that were used by Iran-backed militia groups, in response to recent attacks against U.S. personnel in Iraq. (Feb. 26)

Video Transcript

JOHN KIRBY: As we announced yesterday evening, military forces conducted an air strike against infrastructure utilized by Iranian-backed militant groups in Eastern Syria. The strike was authorized in response to recent attacks against American and coalition personnel in Iraq and to ongoing threats to those personnel.

Two F-15E Strike Eagles dropped seven precision-guided munitions, totally destroying nine facilities and partially destroying two facilities, making them functionally destroyed. The structures were located at the Abu Kamal terrorist entry control point located near the Syria-Iraq border on the Syrian side. This location is known to facilitate Iranian-aligned militia group activity.

We have preliminary details about casualties on site, but I won't be able to discuss additional details at this time because our battle damage assessment is ongoing. As we made clear last night and, I think, through President Biden's order, he made clear that the United States will act to protect American and coalition personnel and our security interests in the region.

We're confident that these were legitimate targets that were utilized by groups associated with these recent attacks-- structures, housing capabilities that they utilized to help perpetrate attacks on our troops and on our coalition partners in Iraq. We're confident in that. I'm not going to get into the specific intel of that.