People from around the world react to Queen Elizabeth's death

People from around the world reacted to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning British monarch in history.

Video Transcript

MICHAELA GRANT: Well, us being in our early 20s, as well, you know, this is all that we've come to know. It's new.

JOHN PEACH: It's a new era for us. Like we've only ever known the one queen. And now, it's-- we're going to be moving into a new monarch.

ANDREW BALDWIN: Lovely woman, but, you know, come on, come on. The 21st century, now, we should really move on from this, to be honest. But as I say, sympathies for the family.

CHRISTINE WEST: We've all known just one queen. She's-- she's the person we've always looked up to somehow.


TUNDE KAMALI: I never known any other ruler last that long. So for this, now, to have happened, well, it only means that everyone has an end.