People call divorcée ‘crazy’ for living with her ex, but she does it for her son

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A divorcée doesn’t care if people call her crazy — she’s going to keep living with her ex. 

TikToker Tatianna Gurnsey split up with her ex-husband, who happens to be deployed in the military. Instead of one of them moving out of their home, they decided to continue living together. The arrangement is ideal for their son Owen, who gets to spend time with both parents. 

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“Everyone: You’re crazy for living with your ex-husband,” Gurnsey wrote in a caption. 

Then she showed footage of Owen lovingly running up to his dad. The pair seemed inseparable. 

Kids deserve to see a loving family,” Gurnsey said in the comments section. “Honestly, this has helped me become a better person, not just for myself but for my son.” 

People wanted to know why the couple split and how they managed to make the situation work for them. 

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“We were practically high school sweethearts – just grew apart,” she explained. “We can date other people. No one is allowed around our son until after a year of dating, and the other person has to meet them first.” 

TikTokers praised the parents for maintaining a strong relationship. 

“And that’s on healthy parenting,” someone wrote.

“From a child of divorce, the moments you can spend as a family are the best ones,” another person said

“Who cares what people say. It’s what works for you and your son – that is all that matters,” a user commented.

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